Full Text Political Transcript April 12, 2013: Justin Trudeau’s National Post Interview – Discusses the ‘tremendous hill’ facing the Liberals



Justin Trudeau on the ‘tremendous hill’ facing the Liberals, his platform deficit, and those Tory attack ads

Source: National Post, 4-12-13

Liberal leadership candidate Justin Trudeau speaks to Postmedia reporter Michael Den Tandt in Toronto on April 9, 2013

This is an edited transcript of an interview by Postmedia political columnist Michael Den Tandt with Justin Trudeau this past week at Trudeau’s warehouse-style, basement campaign office in downtown Toronto. The two spoke for about 30 minutes.

Q. If you win (the Liberal leadership), what’s the first order of business on day one, after the victory, if there’s a victory?

A. Starting to bring the lessons we’ve learned from this campaign about hard work, about reaching out and involving people across the country, to the operations of the Liberal party.  That’s really at the centre of it. There’s also going to be, obviously, questions about what’s happening in Parliament, and opposition days, and Question Period strategy and we’ll get to that.

But for me the success of this campaign so far has really been about the way we’ve managed to connect and build an organization across the country that needs to now be integrated to the way forward for the entire party….READ MORE